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Boy fishes on a bridge on the lakeAt 10-years-old life is simpler. “Going fishing” at that age means finding a pole, some line, a hook, and some worms. It works perfectly. At 20-years-old one’s vision has expanded. Going fishing involves multiple choices: lake or stream, large fish or small, which rod, what weight of line (floating or sinking), what tippet dimensions, dry flies or nymphs… one never achieves perfection because there is always something else to learn. At 40-years-old it pays to hire a guide, once you can answer “lake” or “stream.” You can learn more in an afternoon with an experienced guide than you have learned in the last 20 years.

At 10-years-old you don’t need a financial plan. At 20-years old it’s time to start working on one. At 40-years-old it pays to hire a professional advisor. Promise. Just be sure to hire an experienced one. How you proceed at 40 determines what you can be doing at 80. Go for the trophy: get a guide.