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Fountain Strategies is an independent, fee-only firm that offers financial planning and investment management services with equal vigor, to our clients.

Anticipate opportunity.

Fountain Strategies operates from two locations in California: Monterey and Irvine. The company is a Registered Investment Advisor subject to supervision and regulation by SEC, the states of California and Texas, the U.S. Department of Labor and the CFP Board of Standards, Inc. Our firm’s only source of income is from client advisory fees, which means we are independent of insurance companies and brokers, which frees us to suggest strategies that serve the best interests of our clients. Our annual advisory fees range from a $3,000 minimum to $10,000, depending upon the complexity of a client’s situation and a mutual assessment of any particular needs in the relationship.

Each of us is a college graduate and a mature adult with years of experience dealing successfully with many of the challenges families face in this increasingly complex world. Each of us evolved from other businesses to become Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)-licensees and professional advisors who believe in Fountain and its strategies. Our goal is to work with clients who appreciate what we can do for them. Our fulfillment is helping clients put all the necessary pieces together for a workable pattern of financial and personal well-being.

Our fountain logo is a metaphor for living well. It only works when there is a steady flow of water, so we look for strategies to improve and maintain steady flows of income for our clients into each of three basins. The first basin represents cash available to meet current living expenses; the “now” basin. The second basin represents accumulation to meet emergencies and longer term expenses; the “then” basin. The third basin represents long-term accumulation to fund retirement needs, wants, and wishes; the “later” basin. The challenge is to establish a flow that will accumulate in all three basins of the fountain simultaneously. Our fountain and our strategies are designed to last a lifetime, and each client’s fountain is unique.

Doug M. Roesser, MsFinance, CFP® in Monterey, CA

We attract people who want to live well. While our financial planning strategies work well for anyone ready to make changes, our investment strategies make better sense for portfolios of $300,000 or more. Although our clients vary in age, we work best with people age 50 or better, who want objective advice from a licensed professional. We specialize in providing comprehensive, holistic retirement planning. Our clients seek guidance to better understand their situation and want help with designing a customized plan to improve their financial confidence. We work with clients to address their concerns including: What are their options? What could/should they be doing differently? And how can they plan for the unexpected?

Manorama Pai, CFP® in Irvine, CA


Over its history, Fountain Strategies has evolved beyond product sales to an independent and fee-only service. Fountain Strategies is committed to continuing Doug and Austin’s vision.

Doug Pease

Austin Chin

Investment advice and financial planning offered through Financial Advocates Investment Management, DBA Fountain Strategies, a registered investment advisor. Financial Advocates Investment Management and Fountain Strategies are separate entities.